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End of US Bank Silicon Valley

😨😨😨😨US big bank Silicon valley bank based in california collapsed and loss of around 200 billion of dollars , it is considered as big bank collapse since 2008 after Washington mutuals . Second largest bank failure in the history of US , it all happened in 48 hours and FDIC has to take over and protect investors with a cap of $250000 .There is an information that as a domino or contagious effect another 10 banks will follow the suit There was run on bank by the depositors . The failure will impact number of startup companies where most of the Indians are also involved. The venture capitalist in India who were funding the startups in India unfortunately bank with SVB , the failure may impact the crash crunch and layoffs in the Indian start up .

Where is the social Media and main stream media now , the New York times , Washington post, wall street journal , Global rating agencies and auditing firms , Hindenburg research and many economist of all the world including our great professor Raghuram Rajan , . These global visionaries were caught unaware and failed to see the falling of such a big bank .

Forbes 2023 recently listed SVB as America best bank ( how far can we trust these rating agencies).

They failed to take a hint when its CEO Greg Becker of SVB sold shares worth $3.5 million just two weeks before bank disclosing the loses The same team was active and just took a short seller Hindenburg report as basis on the failure of Adani and India . They predicted the economic fall of India and the fall of Modi government . They are quick and grouped to build the narrative when it comes to India , they expected that there will be a panic in India investors and expected a run on bank LIC and SBI …but nothing happened .

Investor Bill Ackman , who attacked Adani group over Hiddenburg report, which he claimed to beca highly credible and well researched report . With in two days Bill Ackman demands a bail out from US govt for SVB .

Indians are Very resilient and don’t panic like westerners whose heart fluctuate with the fluctuation of Share market .

George Soros eco system should look into this collapse and ask for the answer from US senate and Biden resignation . Goerge Soros and anti India forces should recollect what they spoke on Adani and Modi

Please accept the fundamentals of Indian economy are very strong . Some experts are now saying that there will never be a recession in India , most of Indian are not even aware what it means . Indian culture , its people behavior and the excellent house management by the family women , the aspirational society where one generation will work or sacrifice for the well being of the next generation . Where people doesn’t depend on the government during the financial crises , the have ways and means of family support , microfinance , compassion and society support that makes the system strong .

As expected by the Anti India , Indians laughed off the fall in the wealth of Adani they hardly reacted and stayed the course and went on business as usual

Very recently Google Lost near to 100 billion in its share value and more than Adani group losses but the main media was silence .

I hope Indians are now understanding the Media and the players who act against India . I feel SVP crises is still a developing story we need to watch the bloodbath in bank stocks listed in US market until and unless its rescued or bail out by the federal or US public money

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